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Custom Impellers

Wingfan Africa supplies axial impellers for most industrial applications.

We at Wingfan Africa pride ourselves in the durability of our impellers and hubs, as well as our ability to refurbish fans and replace OEM impellers. Whether it is supplying complete fans or replacing broken blades, our short turnaround time gets your machinery up and running with minimal downtime.

Wingfan Africa makes use of three durable materials, depending on the application: polyamide, glass-fibre reinforced polyamide and aluminium alloy.

Wingfan Africa’s selection program, SELECT 3D, supported by the vast array of blade profiles, gives us an extensive choice of impellers to choose from, thus enabling us to supply the customers with the correct fan for their unique application.

Wide Variety of Blade Profiles

Wingfan Africa’s wide variety of blade profiles enable us to supply the perfect impeller for the correct application.

Our blade profiles range from small to large diameters for fans of 173 mm to 2144 mm. All of the profile configurations are wind tunnel tested.
Our selection program’s impeller curves are accurate for the different blade pitches and diameters, making it possible for us to select impellers with realistic flow rate vs pressure curves.

Hub Systems

Wingfan Africa’s hub systems for different blade profiles.
Each of the different fan families makes use of their respective hub types.
The lighter-duty fans make use of the H-series hubs, with the Z-series for the medium-duty and the Y-series and T-series for the heavy-duty and extreme duty applications respectively. Our expertise ensures the correct selection according to customers’ requirements.

Replacement Blades

It is not necessary to replace the entire impeller if only a few new blades are needed. Wingfan Africa’s modular impellers provide the benefit of replacing one or more blades, instead of having to replace the entire unit. It is more cost-effective from a maintenance point of view. We strive to reduce downtime with the quick replacement of impeller blades. We have short turnaround times of approximately 1 hour.

Cased axial fans

Wingfan Africa’s cased axials are made according to the requirements of the local HVAC industry.

Wingfan Africa offers a standard range of cased axial fans, but modified impellers are our speciality to ensure that the correct cased axial fan is provided for the application. Our cased axial fans, used in the HVAC industry, in ducting systems, wall-mounted or foot mounted. We optionally offer mounting feet, anti-vibration mounts, sound attenuators and protective wire screens.


Wingfan Africa’s mancoolers offer mobile, high flow volume capabilities for industrial use.

Our man coolers make use of 500 mm diameter axial fans, typically equipped with a 1,1 kW, 4-pole motor, resulting in high air-flow volumes at relatively high static pressure. With the casing mounted on wheels, it is convenient to move the fan around.

Custom designed man coolers are available, to ensure that we provide our customers with the correct man cooler for the application.

Large Volume Exhaust Fans

High volume flow, low operating cost exhaust fans.

Wingfan Africa supplies exhaust fans for many applications.

The VT1400 is the largest of its type in the local marketplace and boasts a 1400 mm (55”) impeller diameter with blades made of 304 stainless steel. The impeller blades are of low noise design, self-cleaning and require minimum power input.

The impeller blades prevent electrolysis between dissimilar metals, because galvanized blades may corrode heavily in humid conditions if in contact with aluminium.

HVLS Ceiling Fans

High volume low speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans.

This is a new concept of cooling and ventilation, providing substantial savings in energy consumption. The fans are driven by high-efficiency Permanent Magnet motors, which allow sophisticated speed control and are suitable in replacing conventional HVAC systems in large volume buildings that may consume large amounts of energy. The diameter range is between 3,0 m and 7,3 m. By rotating between 40 and 70 r/min, the noise levels remain as low as 38 dB(A). The HVLS range of fans is available through our subsidiary Ventura Cooling & Ventilation.

Large Diameter Fans

Industrial large diameter fans.

Moore Fans as large as 10 m in diameter are possible.
These fans are for applications such as air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling towers, use in refineries, power plants, process plants, gas compressors and many other industrial settings.


Air Blast Coolers

Wingfan Africa’s air blast coolers keep machinery lubricant at the correct working temperature.

Wingfan Africa’s impellers are used in air blast coolers.
The cowlings are designed with a well-developed shape to minimize the airflow resistance, power consumption of the motor and optimizing the airflow rate, thus reducing operating costs of the unit. The fan and fan cowl provides an evenly distributed airflow on the face of the core, verified by our on-site testing.

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Wingfan Africa offers axial fans for most possible applications. 

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