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WingFan Africa: Leading Supplier of Industrial Fans in South Africa

Our Heritage

Founded in 1979, WingFan Africa has a legacy of over 40 years, marking our footprint in the industrial ventilation sector. From our humble beginnings supplying industrial parts to PUTCO, the renowned bus company, we’ve expanded our horizons. Initially focusing on oil coolers for gearboxes, our commitment to quality and durability saw our products rapidly gain traction in heavy machinery segments. This reputation paved the way for further strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Wingfan from Germany.

Over a decade and a half, we evolved and integrated the reputable fans of Wingfan with our signature oil coolers. Our growth trajectory skyrocketed as we became the exclusive distributors for WingFan, under the Wingfan Africa banner. With a blend of competitive pricing and unmatched service, we onboarded more esteemed clients.

Our Values

At WingFan Africa, our client relationships stand as a testament to our dedication and promise.

We believe in:

WingFan Today

As the principal distributor of Wingfan Impeller systems in Southern Africa, we offer axial fans tailored for diverse applications, such as:

  • HVAC industry

  • Mobile and stationary engine cooling

  • Livestock ventilation

  • Cooling towers

  • Earth-moving equipment

  • Industrial Drill Rigs and more

Our location in Irene is strategically positioned between Pretoria and Johannesburg International Airport, and is a hub for supplying fan impellers to various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across South Africa. In emergencies, our rapid response ensures equipment functionality with minimal downtime.

Why Choose Us

Wingfan Africa’s core competence in aerodynamic engineering provides you with the most advanced technologies and innovative blade profiles that are designed with specific applications in mind.

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Customer Service

We are dedicated to not only achieving, but exceeding, client expectations.


We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time.


We offer a long history of accomplishments, integrity, excellence and commitment to our clients’ interest.


We can supply a custom impeller within a few hours (this is subject to time constraints and size of impeller).
This includes in-house machining of Wingfan hubs for a specific spigot diameter and bolt circle. Wingfan Africa is strategically situated in Irene on the R21 highway, between Pretoria and the Johannesburg International Airport. We provide fan impellers to various OEMs in South Africa and provide an emergency service to customers in case of breakdowns.


Wingfan Africa is a distributor of Wingfan Germany. Wingfan’s inception goes back to 1928, which shows the long history of technical expertise, transferred from generation to generation. The Wingfan product range is suitable for industrial applications of axial fan impellers ranging from 173 mm to 2144 mm in diameter.


Wingfan Africa impellers are used on heavy-duty vehicle installations to replace OEM engine fan impellers which shows fatigue type reliability problems, for example cracking of both the hubs and fan blades under severe operating conditions.


We have a fast-growing product range, with innovative new products for special applications of axial fans, driven by customer requirements. Wingfan Africa impellers are at the forefront of the latest developments in cooling systems for vehicles and stationary equipment to cope with the latest European exhaust and noise emission standards. An excellent selection program “SELECT 3D” is available to customers to assist with the optimisation of air movement applications.

Some of the brands we service

Looking Forward

As we continue to soar, we invite you to be part of our journey. Whether you need a customised impeller or a solution for a unique challenge, we’re here to help. Contact WingFan Africa today, and let’s drive the future of industrial fans together.

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