Wingfan Africa’s products are used in a wide variety of applications

Wingfan Africa's Products used in different applications

Excellence in the Products we supply

WingFan offers axial fans for most applications. We have the fan solution for applications in the HVAC industry, mobile and stationary engine cooling, livestock ventilation, cooling towers and earth moving equipment to name a few. 

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Cased Axials For HVAC

Wingfan Africa’s cased axials are used with foot mounts, anti-vibration mounting pieces and sound attenuators in HVAC systems for offices, malls and large developments. Our application engineers make use of their training and experience in the field to offer the most economical fan selections for the given set of requirements.

The reduction of noise generated by the impellers in the HVAC industry is frequently a critical requirement. Foot mounts, anti-vibration mounting pieces and sound attenuators are available for this purpose. 

We use the Wingfan SELECT-3D software program to iterate on three crucial criteria: air flow rate, air static pressure, and noise. By using these three design criteria, we select the perfect combination of fan impellers for HVAC systems.

Cooling Towers

Fans with efficient power consumption and optimal performance.

Large diameter, cost-effective fans for induced or forced draft cooling towers with low power consumption and high-efficiency levels are pivotal selection criteria. Our large impeller ranges have been used by returning customers since the establishment of Wingfan.

We deliver high-quality impellers used on cooling towers that are worth making us your preferred supplier to expand your business.

Greenhouse ventilation and large volume extraction

Highly efficient axial fans used for ventilation of poultry houses and livestock sheds.

We work with many farmers across Southern Africa. We pride ourselves in assisting farmers to produce their products in a safe manner. Besides livestock, our fans are also used in the production of large-volume dried fruit production. We are able to provide the correct equipment for livestock and agricultural applications.

Non-commercial Vehicle Cooling Packs

Tough materials with an advanced fan design to withstand high vibration/fatigue stress and extreme temperatures.

WingFans’ extra heavy-duty fans can be found cooling many of the world’s most powerful vehicles. We have designed countless cooling packs for companies who make use of Cummins, Daimler Benz, and Deutz engines together with Allison and ZF transmissions.

Our custom cooling packs include radiators, intercoolers, transmission coolers, condensers, transfer case coolers, pneumatic coolers and hydraulic oil coolers.

There are unique difficulties in cooling large engines whilst the vehicles traverse through rough terrain, at speed, requiring durable materials and advanced fan designs to withstand high vibrations, extreme temperatures, and gyroscopic forces. Manufacturers of these specialised vehicles turn to WingFan for help them resolve some of the most challenging cooling demands with highly compact cooling pack systems. WingFan’s experienced team of engineers provides guidance to optimally cool industrial and specialised vehicles for maximum performance.

Earth Moving Equipment, Drill rigs, compressors and Generator sets

Wingfan Africa’s reliable and high performance fans guarantee optimal cooling for earth moving equipment.

Reliability and durability are two of the most important parameters when selecting fans for earthmoving vehicles. Wingfan Africa offers high performance and reliable fans to guarantee optimal equipment performance. By using Wingfan Africa’s replacement fans for OEM impellers, you can minimise vehicle downtime, keeping your equipment moving and operations uninterrupted.

Commercial Vehicles

Wingfan Africa’s impellers are compatible with most commercial vehicles to cool according to the correct vehicle operating requirements

Application In Agriculture

Combine Harvesters

Wingfan Africa’s extra heavy-duty fans are found cooling many of the world’s most powerful combine harvesters.

Agricultural fields are tough on harvesting equipment. WingFan impellers ensure proper cooling of your hard-working harvesting equipment.

Downtime can be minimized during the harvesting season by using replacement impellers from Wingfan. We pride ourselves in responsive lead times and can provide a replacement fan within 2 hours.

Application In Agriculture

Agricultural Crop Sprayers

WingFan not only supplies impeller fans for crop spraying vehicles, but also for crop sprayers.

WingFan collaborates with crop spraying manufacturers to select fans that improve the application efficiency of their equipment to combat fungal growth and insect damage.

Fans for combustion engines

Highly efficient axial fans and fan clutch combinations are available.

Wingfan Africa works in association with many large OEM’s to design space efficient fans to cool their equipment.

Some of the brands we service

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Wingfan Africa offers axial fans for most possible applications. 

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