Custom axial fan solutions used in cooling and ventilation.

We manufacture OEM replacement impellers for most combustion motors, drill rigs, generators and compressors.

We also manufacture a complete range of Cased Axials (HVAC Application), large volume extraction fans and Airblast coolers.

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Wingfan Africa

Our business started in 1979, coming from humble beginnings. We started out supplying industrial and commuter busses with appropriate cooling parts.

Since then, we’ve grown with our client base to be the sole distributor of Wingfan Impeller systems in Southern Africa. We’re located in Centurion, Gauteng, but we provide custom industrial fan solutions throughout South Africa.

Our vision remains simple:

We will always deliver what we promise. We provide quality products and services, and that is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Why choose us?

Wingfan Africa offers industrial extractor axial fans for most applications. We have fan solutions for application in:

OEM and Replacement Impellers

We specialise in custom OEM replacement impellers for industrial vehicles and most combustion engines. Our custom impellers are made within hours, therefore reducing capital equipment downtime from weeks to days by eliminating prolonged import lead times for the acquisition of an OEM impeller as a replacement.

Brands we service

Wingfan Africa Applications

Cased Axials For HVAC

We select the perfect combination of fan impellers and kW efficiency for HVAC Systems.
Our range of cased axial fans is efficiently designed with Wingfan variable pitch impellers, ensuring optimal airflow with best-suited kW usage. Our standard range of cased axials can be custom made, according to specific operating points and system pressure requirements.

Earth Moving Equipment, drill rigs, compressors and Generator sets

Wingfan Africa's reliable and high performance fans guarantee optimal cooling for earth moving equipment, drill rigs, compressors and Generator sets.

Greenhouse ventilation and large volume extraction

We stock a complete range of large-volume extractors for the agriculture sector and industrial extraction requirements. These include mobile units for targeted ventilation and cooling applications in workshop and livestock areas.

Cooling Towers

We supply large-diameter, cost-effective fans for induced or forced draft cooling towers with low power consumption and high-efficiency levels.

Non-commercial Vehicle Cooling Packs

Our vehicle cooling packs are made with specific fin and tube profiles, coupled with advanced fan designs to withstand high vibration/fatigue stress and extreme temperatures.

OEM Fans for Combustion Engines

We work in association with many large OEMs to design space-efficient fans to cool their equipment. Earth Moving Equipment, drill rigs, compressors, and Generator sets Our reliable and high-performance fans guarantee optimal cooling for earth-moving equipment, drill rigs, compressors and generator sets.

Custom Axial Fan Solutions

Our WingFan Africa Products

Custom Impellers, Hubs and Blades

Wingfan Africa supplies axial impellers for almost all industrial fan applications.

Cased Axial Fans

We provide a complete range of cased axial fans made according to the requirements of the local HVAC industry.

Exhaust Fans

We supply high volume flow, low operating cost exhaust fans. Our range of “box fans” suits almost any application.


Our Mancoolers offer mobile, high-flow volume capabilities for industrial use. Man Coolers allow for the targeting of specific areas for cooling and ventilation.

Air Blast Coolers

A full range of air blast coolers to keep machinery lubricants at the correct working temperature.


Client Reviews

Some of the brands we service

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Extractor Fans FAQs

Industrial fans are designed for heavy-duty use in large industrial or commercial settings such as warehouses, factories, and large buildings. They are typically larger in size and are designed to move large volumes of air. They are also more powerful than regular fans, with stronger motors and higher airflow rates.

Industrial fans can come in different types, such as axial, centrifugal, or mixed flow fans, depending on the application and specific requirements of the space they are meant to ventilate or cool. Wingfan Africa specialises in the manufacture and supply of Axial flow fans.

An axial flow fan is a type of industrial fan that uses axial force to move air or gas in a linear direction parallel to the axis of the fan. This type of fan has a propeller-like design with blades that rotate around a central shaft, and the airflow direction is parallel to the axis of the fan.

Axial flow fans are commonly used for ventilation and cooling in large industrial or commercial spaces and are known for their high airflow rates and energy efficiency. They are also relatively compact compared to other industrial fans, making them easy to install and transport.

WingFan provides axial fan solutions to various clients and industries.

OEM or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” refers to a company that produces parts, components, or systems that are used in the production of their own product range.

We produce OEM replacement impellers that are safe to use, especially if you’re working with an experienced and reliable manufacturer. Not only is using custom OEM replacement impellers safe, but it’s also extremely cost and time-effective, as it eliminates the need for importing the required OEM part.

A custom impeller is a type of fan that is designed and manufactured to replace and meet specific requirements for a particular application.

Custom impellers can be made from various materials, such as plastic, metal, or composite materials, and can have different shapes, sizes, and features. They are commonly used in industrial or commercial applications where standard impellers are not suitable and can be created in accordance with OEM requirements.

The design and manufacturing of custom impellers typically involve advanced computer-aided design software, precision machining or casting techniques, and rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Extractor fans are versatile and have a purpose in both commercial and household settings. With load shedding in particular, the need for extractor fans has increased as generators are stored in areas that need ventilation. Extractor fans of a smaller size are a great solution to this, extracting any smoke and heat created by the generator, making for a safer space.

Naturally, the size of an extractor fan used in an industrial setting will differ from that used in a household setting; however, they both serve the same purpose on a different scale.

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Wingfan Africa offers axial fans for most possible applications. 

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